About Us

Our Mission

We started PestAdvisors.com as a way to give people real, trustworthy information about pest management.

The internet is full of shoddy, poorly written clickbait sites that have no real basis in reality and can be unsafe. They’ve been created in order to sell products and make money.

The other primary group of sites are those built by service providers, most of whom have an incentive to get you to hire them to fix the problem, not to give you all of the information you might need to do it yourself.

As an unbiased, fully independent resource, PestAdvisors is 100% reader supported.

We believe that insects, and bugs in general are unbelievably important because:

  1. They are our primary competition for our food.
  2. They compete with us for our space.
  3. They can pose a major public health risks.

Who We Are

Samantha M.


When she’s not behind a desk, she’s out on the trail. Samantha wears many hats at PestAdvisors, but her main priority is making sure our articles reflect industry best practices and the scientific literature, while keeping readers abreast of new risks and vectors to keep their families safe.

Jordan R.


Jordan builds the technology that runs PestAdvisors.com and helps us serve thousands of homeowners every month. He’s a big Magic the Gathering fan, and loves classic cinema.


Jason Chapman

Jason is the lead researcher for PestAdvisors. On any given day, he’ll be researching various pests and planning out content guides for the site. Most of the posts are drafted by Jason, before being handed off to Sam.